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About Us

The Company

Complejo Turistico Molino de Saydo, yes it is quite a mouthful. It means the complete tourist windmill of the weekend. Incorporating The Hotel Molino de Saydo, founded in 1986, and Village Molino de Saydo. The owners, Fernando and Maria Ortega extend a warm welcome to everyone.

Saydo Park

Saydo Park is a residential site, it has its own Residents Association which is fully legal and registered with the Spanish Courts and Hacienda of Associations. 

We Are Here for You

We are here to make life easy for you. Once you have decided to purchase a home, we can deal with all the paperwork for you. We have translators that  can help with your Spanish residencia, help you open a bank account and register you and your home at the local town hall. 

Sales Office

The sales office is open Monday to Friday 10.00am to 1.00pm, Spanish time so if you have any worries, queries or questions we are here to help. We collect your post every day except Saturday and Sunday from the local post office, it is then delivered to your door. Should you be away at any time, inform the sales office before you go and we will keep it safe in the office for you.

Accounts/General Enquiries Office

The accounts office is in the hotel, open Tuesday to Saturday 1.30pm to 3.00 pm Spanish time, if you have any worries, queries or questions, Liz will endeavour to help. 


At Saydo Park the internet costs just 15 Euros per month, plus 1 Euro a month for a router if you don't have one, this will be replaced should it fail  but must be returned should the internet be removed. Telephone is just 10 Euros a month which includes 200 minutes of free calls to any land lines in Europe. There are no installation fees. 

Fibre Optic cables are now installed. If you require this service, there is a 120 one off installation fee and internet is 20 per month. 


Pop into the Accounts/General Enquiries office and Liz will quote for your car and home insurance here at Village Molino de Saydo, our prices are very competitive. We can give instant home quotes, car insurance quotes within a few hours. 

Ground Rents 

Ground Rents start from as little as 2,635.23 to 4,599.73  per annum for a single plot to 5,211.73  per annum for a twin double plot.

Electricity & Water

Electricity is metered, payable monthly to Accounts Office.

Water is metered, payable  every 2 months at the bank.

Gas Bottles

Gas bottles are delivered to your door every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Should you run out on any other day, we have spare bottles at the sales office.


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